Thursday, September 25, 2008

San Francisco plants organic garden at City Hall

So this post isn't necessarily timely in terms of when the story published (August), but it's pretty timely in terms of planning/lobbying/setting up an organizing committee for your own "town hall" victory garden for next summer. In anticipation of the first ever Slow Food Nation event in the US over Labor Day weekend 2008, organizers in San Francisco planted an organic vegetable garden in place of the lawn at City Hall. Read the whole article here.

Last year I read a book about Alice Waters, founder of famed Chez Panisse and organic food visionary, and it detailed her efforts to convince President and Mrs. Clinton to plant an organic garden at the White House during his term. Her idea was rejected, but maybe the next president will enjoy riding the current wave of growing and showcasing local and organic produce. From City Hall to the White House Lawn anyone? Or at least, to your town's common space?

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Garden Cleaning said...

It's about time the city head officials do take some more action into making better decisions for this environment. It really is scarce nowadays for a fresh breath of air with all this pollution that is going around with the mass production of the vehicle industry. You never know when one day you'll wake up and really smell the smog from your kitchen window or living room. Family to me is really most important, and with people like us trying to at least help the planet even just a bit, will most definitely help one like myself sleep better at night knowing that my family's next day waking up feels a bit safer :)