Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pick Some Apples with Earthworks Boston

Benjamin Crouch, City Fruit Program Director, sends the following request for volunteers in the Boston area:
"The Roxubry Russet apples at the Shirley Eustis House in Roxbury, MA are ready to be picked. Discovered in 1649 in our hometown, this is the oldest known variety of apple grown in the Americas! It is an all-purpose apple with crisp, tart flesh and a refreshing taste.
We need your help tomorrow (Monday, the 29th) from 4:30-7:00pm! Please email to sign up or call at 617-442-1059 if you have any questions. We will send you directions and instructions. Most of the harvest will be used for charitable purposes, but each volunteer is welcome to take home a small individual share (5-8 large apples per person). This event is open to all ages.
Thank you!"

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