Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dig N Swap: on-line clothes swapping

Dig N Swap is up and running! I get all kinds of emails from companies promoting their sustainable fashion lines, believe it or not. Usually I just delete them because I don't think spending $149 for a new hemp shirt is really in line with the "living simply" part of Conscious Consuming. If you want to spend that kind of money on one shirt because it's really what you value, have at it; just don't ask me to promote it for you, you know? The Dig N Swap concept is something different. It builds on the increasing popularity of the clothes swapping phenomenon and takes it to the next level--online. Clothes swapping parties have become all the rage as women look to renew their wardrobe without breaking the bank, but it's not that likely that your friends will have exactly what you're looking for in the size you'll need.

Dig N Swap looks to complement the real-world parties, which are as much about social interaction as they are about clothes, by creating an online community where fashion-conscious women can communicate, share insights, and trade clothes and accessories. Users list items they are looking to trade and accept or decline trade offers from other users. The founder, Li Qiu, has spent the last year talking to women about the features they would like to see in the website, and implementing the insights they have provided in an easy-to-use website which you can visit at

Li Qui is extremely dedicated to sustainable development and to an eco-friendly lifestyle, and she is confident that Dig N Swap contributes modestly to alleviate the pressure on our planet's resources by recycling items that would otherwise be discarded, and by allowing users to acquire new items in an eco-friendly way that encourages reuse and discourages waste.


Anonymous said...

you should try bit tricky on the picture upload but great fun when swapping :)

Ceri said...

There is also a great new website just launching. www.posh-swaps is completely free to buy, sell and swap second hand clothes