Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogging Away Debt

Debt can be a grueling burden for many Americans. For those in debt, whether it be from school, mortgages, hospital bills, bad buying decisions, or just plain struggling to get by everyday, can understand what it's like to always have it on your mind all the time.

This woman has found it therapeutic to talk about her debt, and in fact her and her husband have been able to get rid of a lot of it with the support of the online community. Blogging Away Debt records every transaction, thought, and attempt to get rid of debt. Hopefully this continues to work for her and be an inspiration to others!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thank You to all of our MySpace Friends!

As many of you already know,
Conscious Consuming is on MySpace at
We recently asked if people had us in their "top friends" and the response has been so overwhelming and inspiring that we wanted to share it!

Nice Comments and Messages

From: Jill Kristine
Hi Conscious Consuming!!
I'm Jill *** and I wanted to let you know that you are indeed in my top friends!! My e-mail is *** and my MySpace page is
I'd LOVE to be added to your top friends, but if that can't be done, a message from your fantastic organization on my page would be a huge honor!! Thank you for your consideration and for all that you do and are still striving to accomplish! Knowledge is power!! Keep up the amazing work!!
In Awe,
}i{ Jill ***

From: Lady X_Pursuit of Truth and FREEDOM
Your definitely on my top friends... why??? i support your movement and feel it is essential for others to be able to eaily access your page if you were on my top... Keep up the great work...
You do not need to reciprocate, but just wanted to let you know that you are on my top friends list. I think your message (and your links) is very important!
From: Oxfam Action Corps-Denver
you guys are are in our top friends!
-Oxfam Action Corps-Denver

From: Hippy Chick!
Hi guys,
You sure are! I am proud to have given you place in the top spot.
Keep up the good work and keep spreading the message.
Hippy Chick! x

From: Jaime
hey! i do have you as a top friend. i think the message you guys send is great. i'm a phd student at usc in LA studying media criticism and i am an advocate to all the issues except demonizing television. demonizing television is an easy scapegoat, television could be a great thing if it wasn't for greedy corporations and inadequate/inneffective media regulation that does not protect and serve the public interest!

From: ~X
your my number two, hope all is well out there for you guys. I am loving it out here.

From: Christine
Keep up the good work!

From: ♪♫ Broseph Be Rude ♫♪
Hey. i love what you guys do. I've been buying sweatshop free for years and and I think it's great,full support. Take care.

From: Brett [leftist anti-authoritarian motherfucker]
I'm definantly throwing you on my top list. I forgot this page was on my friends list.
I was at the local mall earlier and just felt disgusted. It seems that everything americans live off of has been produced by utter slavery in poor countries, for our benefit.

From: ~Jamie~
You guys rock, thanks for all the helpful info...

Answer to question "Are we in your top friends?"

From: JessicaLynn
Yes. you are top ten :) trying to spread conciousness. We are all in this together!
peace &love

leaheart yes!! in top friends

From: Rebecca
You're number one in my top friends, but I'm nothing to promote.

From: ric Yes !! just did some re arranging

From: Mike Abdow yo yo top friend

From: Takid You're on my top 12!

From: Jennifer yEP, YOU ARE IN MY tOP 24

From: Dianna
yes, I have you in my top 40.

From: mary
yes, you certainly are in my top! :)

From: Pirateofwst dam right you are, our dollar is our vote

From: tph you're in my top four!
From: Amazing Eyeballs You are now in my top friends!
From: Shara [the girl with the MOST cake]
You are in my top friends!

You are on my top friends list.

From: The Organic Touch
You are absolutely in my top friends! :D
To Consious Consuming!!!
Love and light,
Chris T.O.T.

From: The East Boston Make-Out Club Band
You're in OUR top friends!!!!!!!!

From: ♪♫Kφ†¥♫♪™ {Lꆚ ŠªVê †Hê ˪®†H!}
:.:*_You're on my top friends, you have been ever since you approved my friend request! Thanx so much. -- ♥Kitty Jo♥_*:.:

Thank you to everyone who has visited us on MySpace - and on the web -!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Holding Corporations Accountable for Climate Change

A new website, launched in a partnership of Cool-Air Clean Planet and Stonyfield Farms, aims to hold corporations accountable for their contributions to global warming and climate change.

On, you can learn about what the biggest corporations are doing (or not doing) to curb their climate emissions. For instance, Gap is rated as "Starting": just beginning to address climate change by measuring their impact and setting goals for their company to reduce energy use. You can also write to these companies directly from this website and let them know what you think about their stance on climate change.

To learn more, visit

Monday, June 18, 2007

Guilt Free Flight

"Seems like a tough sell, but it's the latest rage in travel. About 50 companies and organizations, profit and nonprofit, have sprung up in the past couple of years to sell not something, but the absence of something -- greenhouse gases, to be exact".
This article in the Washington Post details an interesting new trend. Now consumers can pay carbon offset providers to calculate the greenhouse gases created by national or international flights and plant trees to offset those emissions.
"Here's how it works: A carbon-offset provider, using a calculator programmed to make certain assumptions, figures that a plane traveling between Washington and San Francisco will spew into the atmosphere, say, 90 tons of carbon dioxide, to choose one of many disputed estimates. If there are 180 people on that flight, then you're "responsible" for half a ton of those emissions. You pay the carbon-offset provider, say, $10, and it'll use the money to reduce the same amount of carbon somewhere else".

What Would Jesus Buy?

After seeing its East Coast premiere last night, I wanted to highly recommend the documentary film What Would Jesus Buy? to those interested in conscious consuming. The movie follows Reverand Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir as they travel the country warning Americans about the coming shopacalypse. Filled with interesting actions, witticisms, interviews, and "fun" facts about consumer debt, this movie really inspired me to think (even more) deeply about my shopping habits and creative ways of raising awareness. I think it'll be in general release closer to Christmas, so keep an eye out :)