Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greenzer: New Green Goods in One Place, and Rated, too!

Greenzer is a new online guide that helps consumers shop for “green” products from online retailers selling eco-friendly items, including Patagonia, Zappos, eBags and GAIAM. 
The site also offers green lifestyle content, such as the Daily Greenz blog highlighting green products, services and ideas; buyer's guides to help shoppers find products that are good for them and the environment; and green face-offs, comparing conventional products with a greener alternative.
There are 10,000+ products currently offered on the site across ten categories, including apparel and accessories, beauty, pets, babies and kids, electronics, home and garden and travel.  Everything offered on must meet a minimum green requirement, with select products listing a “Greenzer Score” number. 
The “Greenzer Score” uses a proprietary, patent-pending technology to aggregate and weigh a number of factors to determine a product’s “greenness” and give select products a “greenness number” (from 0-10).  The technology uses information generated by Greenzer, third parties like Climate Counts, and manufacturer-supplied information, and looks at a product's overall impact on the environment (i.e. Does it run on rechargeable batteries?), its green attributes (Is it made from recycled materials?  Does it use organically grown materials?), green labels/certifications and the manufacturer's overall green practices.

Next time you buy new (after you've exhausted the second-hand shops, Craigslist and Freecycle, mind you), try out Greenzer.

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