Monday, September 29, 2008

Edible Landscapes

So planting season is over for this year, and, while some of you may be still enjoying the fruits of the harvest from your gardens and CSAs, most of us are turning our attention to rest...or to planning next year's garden? Here is a good article from Edible Front Range on edible landscapes. While some folks have turned to digging up their lawn entirely for a garden patch, this article talks more about incorporating edible plants into the landscape you are already working with. I would also recommend checking the book Perenniel Vegetables out of the library, so that you can begin to think about some no hassle plantings that will return year after year to provide you and your family with food!

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The National Wildlife Federation recently finished a send-a-letter-to-the-EPA widget and Facebook application that sends an official message to the Environmental Protection Agency urging them to recognize the impact greenhouse gases are having on our planet. We're trying to drum-up up some support for their cause. If you're so inclined, we'd appreciate a link to either application or simply spread the word! Thanks so much!


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