Thursday, April 17, 2008

Make your Earth Day Plans

If you want to do something special this weekend to celebrate Earth Day, you can search for events by city on the Earth Day Network. The Earth Day Network says one of the most important things you can do for climate is to register to vote. I'm guessing most people reading the Conscious Consuming blog are pretty engaged citizens already, but if you haven't registered yet, get a move on!

Many of the Earth Day events are rallies and/or concerts, which can be fun ways to connect with other people in your community. If you want to do something with a little more activism, however, you might consider volunteering for the environment. There are a lot of volunteering opportunities that focus on the environment in April in celebration of Earth Day, and often these can turn into on-going projects throughout the year. If you are in the Boston area, visit Boston Cares to find all manner of environmental and social justice volunteer opportunities. Most volunteering projects require participants to first become Boston Cares members and attend an orientation, and from there, it's on to helping people and the planet.

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