Thursday, April 03, 2008

Intro to Permaculture comes to Brighton

Well I mentioned that I attended a Permaculture Garden Design course a few weeks back here in Boulder, and I wanted to let you know about one coming up in Brighton on April 12-13th, 2008. This Intro to Permaculture Design course will be led by noted Permaculture instructor Dick Pierce and local guests, offering practical training and skills in sustainable living. According to their notes, they "will cover design principles, techniques, and mind-sets that can easily be applied to your home, workplace, and community to help you live well and joyously, in the city, suburbs, or country, but with less energy, less consumption, and a smaller/kinder ecological footprint." Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend to me!

BTW, I found out about this course at The Relocalization Network, which unbelievably enough, after a lifetime of environmentalism and 2 years of blogging for Conscious Consuming, I JUST DISCOVERED! These folks are awesome!!! They are actually trying to teach people to do something about peak oil and global climate change, instead of putting their heads in the sand and watching reality TV! How inspiring!

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