Sunday, April 06, 2008

Consumption Conscious 13-year-old!

When I was reading the bimonthly publication World Ark, put out by Heifer International, the other day, I came across this letter from a 13-year-old named Simone Prince-Eichner from Lummi Island, Washington. I hope my kids are this profound at 13!!!

I am a concerned 13-year-old who has given a great deal of thought to such global issues as hunger, poverty and child labor. After reading the article entitled "Product RED: The Power of the Consumer" in the November/December issue, I had several different reactions. It seems sensible to me that while purchasing everyday products a consumer would have the ability to contribute to a worthy cause. However, while the (PRODUCT) RED campaign is helping some, it is our consuming habits that are harming many.

It is our responsibility as consumers to vote with our dollar, using it in a way that creates a "good deal" for everyone. We must first decide if our level of consumption is sustainable, and then we must pause to think about who and what our choices are affecting.

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