Friday, March 07, 2008

We've gotten a Grant and we're willing to share!

We are very excited to have recently been awarded a seed grant from the excellent non-profitSandy Hollow Arts and Recreation for the Environment, Inc. (SHARE). They run all-volunteer music festivals in Central Pennsylvania, and the proceeds from the festivals are awarded to various environmental non-profits. We applied for a grant to help launch our Conscious Consuming Discussion Series. Not only did we get funded, but we're sharing the grant money with our local organizers! Five lucky folks who implement a Discussion Series in their neighborhood will receive a stipend for their hard work. We call it a stipend, because really, it's a pittance, but if you were toying with the idea of launching a series to spread the good, green word, you may as well get a little something for your troubles. Please email susan (at) consciousconsuming (dot) com for more information or to help get your discussion series off the ground. We'd love to hear from you!

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