Sunday, March 23, 2008

Boston Green Drinks April 1st, Bill McKibben speaks in Boston March 28-30

From our friends at Boston Green Drinks:
Come join us on Tuesday, April 1st at Cactus Club from ~6:30pm onward.
Location: 939 Boylston Street, Boston
Closest T: Green line to Hynes Convention Center.

Down 2 Earth, a consumer-oriented eco-living show is at the Hynes Convention Center March 28-30. Bill McKibben is one of the keynote speakers, and the content ranges from a seminar in sustainable design to a presentation on eco-conscious wedding planning. Go to (Note: Green Drinker Jennifer Baldwin is one of the organizers, and the Globe will have a story on the show on the 28th by Green Drinker Michael Prager.)

News notes:
The first auction of pollution credits under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a 10-state consortium that includes all of New England, has been scheduled for Sept. 10. RGGI is the first regional US group to tackle greenhouse-gas reductions with a cap-and-trade system. News brief here.

The US House recently passed a bill that would take the tax breaks that the top 5 oil companies receive — about $17 billion — and reapportion it as incentives for the solar, geothermal, wind, and biomass industries. A similar proposal failed earlier in the Senate, under threat of presidential veto. ... According to Lester Brown, founder of the Earth Policy Institute and author of "Plan B, 3.0, Mobilizing to Save Civilization," taking political action is the most important step any citizen can take, so please call your senators!


Elaine, Hershie, Michael

Boston Green Drinks Team

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Peter said...

Great note. But I think you should check and you may see that the terrible $17 to $18BILLION os OVER a TEN YEAR period. NOT all in one year. So, with that in mind it is beyond SILLY that this can not get passed in the congress. They have TOTALLY lost all credibility.