Thursday, March 20, 2008

Conscious Consuming Events in March 2008

I interrupt my Boulder blast to let you all know about some great Conscious Consuming events in Boston:

First off, we wanted to thank you all for the enthusiastic response to our Discussion Series. We provided this as a tool on our website so that more people would take up the cause with people in their own local communities, and it seems to be working! Remember, we are offering small stipends to folks who hold their meetings and take phots or create blog entries about how it went. The goal is to inspire others to “Slow Down and Green Up!”

We wanted to let you know about two events we are holding in Boston in the near future. First, we are excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a lunch-time potluck on Sunday, March 30th, with Kate Mrozicki, CSA manager at The Food Project, to discuss “Growing the Local Food Economy.” We sent the eVite for this event earlier today, so if you didn’t receive one and would like to be added to our eVite list for this or future Boston events, please email susan (at) consciousconsuming (dot) org.

We also wanted to let you all know about the upcoming workshop "Global Warming Cafe: Concrete Steps to Decrease your Carbon Footprint," brought to you by the Boston Climate Action Network, The Jamaica Plain Forum and Conscious Consuming.

Saturday, March 29th, 1-5pm

First Church in Jamaica Plain Unitarian Universalist -Parish Hall
6 Eliot St.
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

The Global Warming Cafe is a powerful, new social change technology that enables us to experience the power of community. Rather than passively listening to experts, the Global Warming Cafe is an opportunity to:

+ Draw on your experience,
+ Actively reflect with others in your community, and
+ Find ways with others to take practical steps forward

We will share, listen actively, draw ideas out on paper, laugh and learn. You will leave with knowledge about programs to help us lower our carbon footprint and transfer this knowledge to our homes, communities, workplaces, and beyond.

Take the leap from climate change-induced despair to informed empowerment!

Please RSVP for this event! Email Sarah at



Nice blog about global warming. I have also a blog on effects of global warming.

Brent said...

Hi Susan, I didn't see contact info but I wanted to let you know about this event...I'm starting a new non-profit that organizes conscious consumers to use their collective buying power as a negotiating tool to get companies and businesses to make sustainable choices. It's called Carrotmob. For our first campaign we're going to get hundreds of people to try and buy out everything in a San Francisco liquor store. Verrrrry interesting stuff. The link is here:

Please do post it if you think people would be interested...