Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Edukators at the Lucy Parsons Center February 1

This film was originally noticed by Randy quite some time ago. Although it is not quite what Conscious Consuming is about, it's showing at the Lucy Parsons Center now and might be interesting to see a more extreme and reactive view of life.

Radical Film Night at the
Lucy Parsons Center
date: Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
time: 7 PM
description: The Edukators (2004, 127 min)

The film The Edukadors follows three idealistic activists living in present day Germany. When Jule gets evicted and is forced to move in with her boyfriend Peter and his slightly aloof introverted roommate Jan, she finds out about Jan and Peter's secret identity. This finding leads the three into a chain of dangerous events which leaves them as a love triangle. Brilliantly filmed and written. It's very rare that character's can develop fully in a film. The Edukadors presents three people trying to get by in a corrupt world.


Marty Wrin said...

I'm up for a movie! Anybody else who's going, email me before 2 p.m. and we'll meet up!

rrrr said...

I saw this movie -- it's worth a show. Acting is great. Story is decent. Ending is clever. Enjoy!

Marty Wrin said...

At about 130 minutes, the movie could have easily left about 30 minutes on the editing room floor but the second half was right up the Conscious Consuming alley(except for the love triangle, don't think we have any of those going yet!). Although the first half was activists lashing out, the second half was more introspective and involved interesting and thought-provoking dialogue.

Anonymous said...

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