Sunday, January 01, 2006

Conscious Consuming Events in February 2007

Conscious Consuming is excited to kick-off 2007 with our answer to the Super
Bowl - The First Annual Simplicity Bowl!!! We will kick-off the event at 5:30
p.m. on the 4th.

Trade-in 4 hours in front of the television watching million dollar/minute
commericals for an evening of friends, neighbors and community. We will
have our usual food and socializing but we will be focusing on simplicity.

There will be a meditation room, a creating room(think outside the box!) and
a skillshare/learning/teaching room. Plus some great music!!!

We need your help!

Do you have a skill to share?

Do you have an instrument to play(spoken word and poetry are great too!)?

Do you have any creative ideas for the creativity room?

Please respond asap if you can help with any of these things or in some
other way.

Otherwise, save the date and we'll see you on the 4th!

Are You In? Send us an email and we’ll send you an evite with details.

To contact Conscious Consuming, please email
or write Conscious Consuming PO Box 301301 Boston, MA 02130

Please visit us on the web at

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