Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"How Green Is Your Brand?"

This blog post is one of the many questioning the truth behind green advertising and green products that are popping up everywhere. The biggest companies are getting involved... but to what end?

"Making more stuff — no matter how green that stuff is — will not really help combat global warming or reduce our collective carbon footprint. Companies need to produce things and need to make money by selling them — understood — but to me, the idea of simply creating more (albeit greener) product is pretty much on par with lowering gas prices as a solution to skyrocketing oil costs. When will we consider behavior? When we will commit to innovation?"

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Jarreau J said...

Great post! Its very true what you say about the impact. Its basic economics... take hybrids, if you make the cost of driving lower, what are people going to do more of...bingo! Drive more.

Making products "green" is still promoting consumption, thus impact on the earth's resources.

People do need to be more aware of what they are supporting and how it impacts us all!