Wednesday, February 27, 2008

US Energy Policy, as explained by Gary Hart

I was recently reading the November 2007 Denver magazine 5280 (OK, so I'm a little behind in my reading) and came across a great article by former Senator Gary Hart about how our energy policy is plagued by a lack of political will and leadership. He says:

It is in the nature of capitalism for energy companies to continue their current efforts to maximize profits. It is in the nature of consumers to want readily available products at the lowest cost. Neither will change without a basic understanding that our current national energy policy is to sacrifice the lives of our sons and daughters for foreign oil and to sacrifice the global environment of future generations to our wasteful consumption... Many people say we do not have an energy policy. In fact, we do have an energy policy: It's to continue to import more than half our oil and sacrifice American lives so we can drive our Humvees.

I confess I know little about Senator Hart's policies from when he was in office, but boy, do I like how he's thinking now!!!

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Anonymous said...

How can the scientists provide an enviorment so capitalists will seek to make a profit on advanced systems to encourage alternative energy sources?