Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Earthworks offers native landscaping workshops

EarthWorks, one of the Boston non-profits that participated in Gift It Up! 2007, has some fantastic native landscaping workshops coming up this spring. I would especially try to take advantage of hosting a workshop, as you'll have some of the work done for you by the workshop attendees! How great is that?

Host a Workshop in Your Yard! 
EarthWorks is seeking an individual or group to host a landscaping workshop in their yard. You will receive a reduced-cost landscaping consultation and plant installation in part of your yard. We will consult with you before the workshop to select plants and design the planting to suit your needs.
Contact Ben Crouch if you are interested in hosting a workshop.

Tree Pruning
Saturday, March 8
Do you have a fruit tree that doesn't produce because it hasn't been pruned in years? Or have you pruned many trees before and just want to brush up on your technique? No matter what your experience level, this class will give participants the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to enable them to correctly prune fruit, ornamental, and shade trees. Pruners will be available for in-class use.

Edible Landscaping
Saturday, April 26
This class offers participants the planning and technical skills to incorporate fruit- and nut-bearing plants into an existing home landscape. Participants will workshop ideas for their own spaces and practice new technical skills at the demonstration site where the class will take place. Participants will be encouraged to consider the aesthetics, maintenance implications, and environmental impact of their design.
Landscaping with Native Trees and Shrubs
Saturday, May 10
Incorporating the right native trees and shrubs into your landscape can help to cut down on time and energy used for watering and weeding. Native plants can add year-round beauty and intrigue to your landscape while increasing plant biodiversity and animal habitat. Technical skills covered in this workshop will include proper planting, care, and selection.
Workshop Fees
$40/$60 (per class) Members/General Public
$100/$150 (all three classes) Members/General Public
Preregistration is required. All workshops take place from 10am-2pm on Saturdays.

To reserve your spot, please call Annie at  617-442-1059 or e-mail admin@earthworksboston.org. Please include your name, phone number, address, and membership status. We cannot accept credit cards at this time; you will be asked to mail a check to EarthWorks to confirm your registration

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Jay, writer MemberSpeed.com said...

This is a great idea. In our own little way, we can help spread awareness on how make our lifestyles a bit more eco-friendly. Plus, who says a workship has to be done in a conference room or some sort of polished venue? In fact, what better way to do workshops concerning the environment than on your very own backyard.