Saturday, June 24, 2006

Local or organic? It's a false choice |By Samuel Fromartz |Grist Magazine | Arts and Minds | 18 May 2006

I try to buy local and organic when possible, but during the long, cold Boston winter it's tough! Then in the summer when produce abounds I often wonder whether it's better to eat the delicious, warmed by the sun strawberries from Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon (where the produce is very local but not organic) or buy the organic berries shipped in from California. This article from Grist
Local or organic? It's a false choice |
By Samuel Fromartz |
Grist Magazine | Arts and Minds | 18 May 2006
makes me realize that the larger job is swaying the majority toward both buying locally AND buying organic.

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Marty Wrin said...

Great article! It lays things out really well. I really liked the way he closed: "...I can insert my values into an equation that for too long has been determined only by volume, convenience, and price. While I have nothing against low prices and convenient shopping, the blind pursuit of these two values can wreak a lot of damage -- damage that we ultimately pay for in water pollution, toxic pesticide exposure, unhealthy livestock, the quality of food, and the loss of small farms. The total bill may not show up at the cash register, but it's one we pay nonetheless.

So what's my advice? Think about what you're buying. If you want local food, buy local. If you want organic, buy organic. The point is to make a conscious choice, because as we insert our values into the market, businesses respond and things change. There's power in what we do collectively, so is there any reason to limit it unnecessarily?"