Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Are you being Greenwashed?

Last weekend's potluck featured Jemilah Magnusson from The Green Life, a Boston-based environmental education organization. Jemilah spoke about Greenwashing, a method used by corporations and individuals to fool customers into thinking that they're buying environmentally friendly products and services.

According to The Green Life, the ten worst Greenwashers of 2005 were:

1. Ford Motor Company
2. BP
3. United States Forest Service
4. ChevronTexaco
5. General Motors
6. Nuclear Energy Institute
7. Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
8. TruGreen ChemLawn
9. Xcel Energy
10. National Ski Areas Association

Find out more about these companies, and what you can do about it, at www.thegreenlife.org/dontbefooled.html

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