Friday, June 02, 2006

Go See An Inconvenient Truth

I saw An Inconvenient Truth, the movie with Al Gore, tonight. It was very good, and this is why you should see it:

If you are an environmentalist already:

This movie will re-energize you and help you remember the reason why you are working for the planet. For me, this movie so succinctly describes my passion for the environment. I'm rarin' to go... again!

If you are on the fence:
Al Gore does a great job of separating the science of global warming from the politics. While he is in the politics business, he relies on sound science to guide his reasons for why we have to stop global warming now.

If you've been meaning to get involved:
This is a great way to start. This movie will get your head in line with your well-meaning heart, and you will walk out of it wanting to get started!

If you're in solidarity but don't want to spend the bucks:
I think this is money well spent. If you see this movie on the opening weekend of where you are living, you are doing a great service to the fate of the movie's life (because much of the amount of advertising put in for a movie depends on the opening weekend's revenue). That means more people will hear about the movie and will have the opportunity to see it.

(Plus, it's either this or the Jennifer Aniston movie, which one is it going to be?)

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