Sunday, March 01, 2009

Free Green Market launches in the UK

Free Green Market is an eco social shopping network that allows people to search through hundreds of green and ethical products from a range of retailers, compare prices, get advice and information, discover vouchers and read the views of celebrities and experts. Members can also take part in competitions, product reviews and forums.

At the heart of the Free Green Market is a fun and engaging community of people who want the benefits of a modern life, but also want to be greener. It aims to meet the needs of the majority. It's not about living an alternative lifestyle; it's about everyday people buying everyday products that just happen to be green and eco friendly.

It's free to use; retailers can create their own shop on the market and sell products and services directly free of charge. Companies, large and small, are free to run a shop; from the individual selling hand made gifts to the high street stores selling green and eco friendly products and services. The site is paid for through advertising and sponsorship; there are no click through or affiliate fees.

Free Green Market founder, Simon Sear, said “I set up Free Green Market with the intention of making it easy for the majority of people to make positive changes. Free Green Market gives people relevant information, easy access to trusted retailers, competitive pricing and advice and support from other people just like them.”

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