Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crafty Mamas (and Papas)

Mothering recently published an article called "Crafty Mamas," which highlighted four moms that have recently written books or launched businesses based on the rise of DIY (that's "do it yourself" to you and me) projects that conscious consumers might be into. Click here for links to the websites of these moms, pictures of their work, and DIY inspiration.

The author, Jean Van't Hul, shared these words of wisdom after interviewing the four featured crafters:

Making something by hand can take longer than buying it, but many, including [Amanda Blake] Soule, prefer the slower pace of life created by the handmade and the do-it-yourself. From making her own clothing and homewares to baking her own bread, shopping locally, and giving money and time to a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm, Soule's choices contribute to her family's slower pace of life. "While it may seem as though making things by hand takes more time and work, I actually think it can do quite the opposite. By choosing to create things ourselves, we--by default--consume less. We have less 'stuff,' and we do less shopping and a lot less running around. I think it's important to look at the whole picture."

If you aren't up to the challenge of crafting something new out of something old, you had better not peek at these sites. Take it from me, you will not be able to look without getting your creative juices flowing!

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