Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Voluntary Simplicity Hits the Bigtime!

OK, so most of my friends think I'm a little whacked out to be so into promoting voluntary simplicity. But my little niche issue (which 10% of the population adheres to, btw) has hit the big time! Oprah's mainstream magazine, O!, had an article on voluntary simplicity in the January 2009 issue. Allison Glock writes about two simple living families in "Back to Basics." Even though the profiled families were in Florida and I am in Colorado, my friend Mara asked me if I knew them--bless her heart. I am happy to report that the simplicity movement is too big for me to know all of the movers and shakers!

Now, I just discovered that, according to Vegetarian Times, there are 12.4 million self-described vegetarians in America. I calculate that to be approximately 4% of the population. Leave it to me to find an EVEN smaller niche issue!!! Apparently Oprah herself has gone vegan for 21 days, which is more than I can boast. I'm impressed, O! Keep up the good work.

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pixiepine said...

That is exciting news! I love reading about families living this lifestyle.