Monday, November 28, 2005

Flash Mob in Boston this Saturday!!!

Boston Flash Mob details:

As part of a multimedia exhibit, I have designed large format postersto be displayed in Boston, MA on Huntington Avenue in the NortheasternUniversity area. The posters will be placed inside or outside bus shelters in the placeof the advertisements already there.

The posters are a comment on the use of technology as a distractionfrom the real world. It encourages people to become detached from thehumanitarian and political crisis going on. Using a Verizon cell phonead promoting a video phone which can be used for entertainmentpurposes, ie. music videos and trailers, the present image (green daymusic video) on the phone is replaced with current images of thedevastation in Rwanda.

The action of the flash mob participants will be to arrive in front ofone or three bus shelters in which the posters are displayed andtalk on their cell phones for two minutes in front of the poster theyare assigned to.

A pdf of the poster can be viewed upon request by e-mail.
Saturday Dec 3 @ 11:00-11:02

Meet at 10:45 am to pick up instructions at the Au Bon Pain acrossfrom Northeastern University on Huntington Ave.

Hope that afterwords, everyone will help fight holiday consumerism and swing by Gift It Up! since you’ll be in Back Bay area already!
This holiday season Give it Up....For Good!

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