Thursday, November 06, 2008

MA Students begin Eating Locally

Well this is a very late report, but did you know Massachusetts held it's first annual "Mass Harvest Week for Students" in September of this year? I didn't, but I'm delighted nonetheless. This is from the MA Department of Agricultural Resources website:

"From kindergarten to college, interest in serving locally grown foods in cafeterias is increasing in Massachusetts and throughout the northeast U.S. Feeding locally grown foods to students can be a good way for food service directors to improve the nutritional value and taste of school meals, while supporting the local economy. Selling local products to schools can be profitable for Massachusetts growers who are looking for a new way to connect with local consumers."

For a great list of schools that are working on procuring at least some produce locally and seasonally in metro Boston, visit the Farm to School Network. You can also find information there about how to volunteer there to get your own local school on the path to sustainability.

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