Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another reason to give up plastic water bottles

In case you are still using colored Nalgene bottles, or other polycarbonate #7 plastics for drinking, you might want to read the Boston Globe article, "Is Plastic making us fat? . Recent research findings have linked the endocrine disrupter bisphenol A to animal obesity and an increase in fat cells. No wonder my diet hasn't been working!

"A recent US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that about 93 percent of the US population had bisphenol A, a chemical that can be found in canned goods and in hard, clear plastic items such as baby bottles and hiking containers, in their body. A study at the University of Missouri-Columbia showed that mice fed bisphenol A during early development - at lower amounts than what would have resulted in the levels found in most people in the CDC study - become markedly more obese as adults than those that weren't fed the chemical. Tufts University scientists observed similar phenomenon in rats."

My advice is to swich to stainless steel water bottles like Sigg bottles (available at Whole Foods and REI) or to bring glass mason jars with lids (not as handy for travel but it could work at the office).

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