Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wiser Earth

We are excited to have been included on the Wiser Earth website, which links up activists and community organizers in the social justice and environmental sustainability movements. Paul Hawken, author of the book Blessed Unrest and co-founder of Wiser Earth, posits that these movements (of which Conscious Consuming is a part) together form the largest cultural movement in the history of the world. I am very excited to order my copy of his book from the library, but in the meantime, the Wiser Earth website has videos introducing the concept. My favorite is the second one down. Check it Out!


Mike Kwan said...

Here is Conscious Consuming's profile on WE. One cool feature on the site is the Interactive Map which helps you find organizations or events in the zip code or city you enter. Remember its free to enter an organization! said...

Love that video.

ps. thanks for your help today! much appreaciated :D


TimeToShine said...

Good that you got profiled on Wiser Earth.

Happy Pangea Day (it's happening now!!