Monday, October 15, 2007

Days of Action

Jake Miller of Grassroots International posted the following today on the Grassroots site. Thought it was relevant and worth sharing.

Today is Blog Action Day and more than 15,000 bloggers with a combined reach of more than 12 million subscribers are joining forces to blog about the environment.

Tomorrow is World Food Day, a day created by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization, a day that's dedicated to bringing awareness to the struggles of the 800 million people who go hungry every day. Thousands of people around the world will take action to fight hunger.

It's too bad these two days didn't coincide, because so many of the problems related to hunger are environmental, and so many of the solutions are ecological.
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kermitjohnson said...

You are right... many causes and solutions for hunger are seated in environmental issues.

Thank you for taking part in Blog Action Day.

Unfortunately, I did not participate.

However, I wrote a belated post about an environmental issue. As a real estate agent in Minneapolis, I see a lot of people using a product in luxury homes that is very destructive in a number of ways. It may also be contributing to the changes in the environment. Check out this post, please:

Brazilian Teak Hardwood Floors, Slave Labor, and the Destruction of the Rainforest.

You can find this post at:

I realize I made this url too long. If it got cut off in the comment form, you can easily find it at:

Anything you can do to share this link or help promote awareness of this issue will be greatly appreciated. Most luxury home owners in Minnesota are unaware of the environmental and human cost of these products. I feel sort of ill every time I walk into a home that has Brazilian teak floors.

Thank you!