Monday, July 30, 2007

Co-op America: Twelve Ways to Shop Fair Trade Now.

While it may be better not to buy or to buy secondhand, sometimes you just have to buy new (food and gifts, for instance). When buying new, why not shop Fair Trade? According to Co-op America: Twelve Ways to Shop Fair Trade Now:

"The Fair Trade marketplace is broader and more vibrant than ever before. That's the lesson our editors learned while putting together our latest Guide to Fair Trade which makes its debut as a 24-page online PDF." Check it out for yourself, and ask at your local market for fairly traded items.


Scott James said...

Thanks for helping us spread the word about certified Fair Trade sports balls, CC. We've got basketballs and footballs coming out this September, too!

- Scott James
Fair Trade Sports
Fair Trade Soccer Balls with FSC Certification!

luis said...

Great post!

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