Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogging Away Debt

Debt can be a grueling burden for many Americans. For those in debt, whether it be from school, mortgages, hospital bills, bad buying decisions, or just plain struggling to get by everyday, can understand what it's like to always have it on your mind all the time.

This woman has found it therapeutic to talk about her debt, and in fact her and her husband have been able to get rid of a lot of it with the support of the online community. Blogging Away Debt records every transaction, thought, and attempt to get rid of debt. Hopefully this continues to work for her and be an inspiration to others!


Tricia said...

Thank you so much for the very kind words :)

Anonymous said...

Talking about it is the one sure way to find out how your significant other feels about the topic.

I find that so many women talk about their husbands TOYS.

I also find so many men talk about their wives supposedly hidden department store accounts.

Each one wants the other to have these things because they love the other - great for the marriage - but detrimental to the finances.

Until we open a discussion about it and talk about it - the many vulnerable in this area will simply pay the payments, month after month, year after year for decades to come.

Lenny Tumbarello
author of
No Balance Due: Tired of Being In Debt up to Your Eyeballs?