Friday, March 03, 2006

Houston, We have Incorporation!

We are now Conscious Consuming Inc.! We are a registered and incorporated non-profit in the State of Massachusetts. What does that mean and why did we do it?

It means that we're an entity, a corporation, with a status and rights quite like those accorded to an individual. Conscious Consuming can now enter into contracts, open a bank account, rent space, etc. We did it for those reasons and to become tax-exempt so that donations will be tax deductible. We want to do the most good for the least money - after all, we're Conscious Consumers!

So we are kicking off our 2006 events with one of our signature potluck discussions on March 19th. Featuring a guest speaker from the organization the inspired us to come together - The Center for a New American Dream. Sean Sheehan, National Outreach Manager, will be speaking to us about Simplifying Our Lives and Aligning Our Lives With Our Values. We are especially excited to be having Sean here for our first event as an incorporated non-profit!

If you are interested in attending, please email us at and we will forward you an evite.

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