Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lit. gifts by mail!

This is being posted on behalf of XenitH while his Blogger account is being set-up

I have a really cool idea to share gifts with people on this group,
through the mail. Think of how much fun it is to receive something in
the mailbox, that isn't junkmail. These gifts are free, and exists in
our places of dwelling right now. The three great parts about these
gifts are 1. All it will cost is postage, 2. You get the gift back
sometime after Xmas, and 3. It will be more enjoyable when you get the
gift back!

Here is how it works.
I will collect addresses from this group, and lump them together with
other addresses. I then send a list of 3 addresses, yours being at the
bottom to random members of the group. All you have to do is make a
collection of interesting books, articles, magazines, videos or whatnot
that you think would be fun to share with members of our group.
Material related to Conscious Consuming, Voluntary Simplicity or the like. For good measure,
be sure to add something unrelated, but of big interest to you. You
never know, you might hook someone's interest! The package could be as
big, or as small as you wish to make it. Just keep in mind that the
more it weighs, the more likely people won't like the idea of paying
postage to send it back.

Be sure to add that list of addresses in the package. This way the
person who receives it from you, will have an address of someone else
to send it to when they are done checking the goods out. While the
recipient of your package is reading through the material you have sent
to them, perhaps they can leave little stickies (or scrap paper) with
ideas, thoughts, or whatnot on the pages (or videos, or newsprint).
When they are done, they send it out to the next person on the list.
After two people have gone through and read the material, they will
send it back to you, the person it belongs to. Now you have a chance to
skim around and read what comments people left for you!
The beauty of this idea is that everyone who chooses to participate
receives 2 different packages via mail, which just might be interesting
things for them to read or view. Needless to say, these are also "free"
gifts, that you will still own after giving it.
This idea takes commitment, and respect for others property. You will
not receive any "presents" unless you send a package out. Remember
Karma when receiving a package.

Before anyone sends me their mailing address, lets brainstorm here more
about this idea. I was trying to think of a way to make postage free
for the recipients, so they will not hesitate to send it to the next
person on the list asap, and inevitably, back to the real owner. I
think deadlines should be set, to keep from anyone being lazy and not
sending them to someone else.
PLEASE share your thoughts on this by using the comments field. This would be a really fun way to get to know some of the members of this group.
Post post post your comments(you don't need to register to do so!).



Jessica said...

I like this idea a lot, but we have to make it as easy as possible. I am a big reader and now I will still somehow not find the time to put the package together, maybe we make it clear that it could be just one or two things, doesn't have to be a whole pack. And yes the postage is an issue. I don't have a suggestion for that yet, i'll thinkg about it.

Anonymous said...

good point. The packages should be as big as the person chooses to send. Also, I think it would be best to group those that have big packages, with others that have big packages. Small for small ones. That way you "get" what you "give", and you will semi know what you will be paying for when you send yours out... I still want to figure out a way to do it as cheep as possible... any more suggestions?